Limassol hospice appeal

Friends for Life Limassol Hospice Care Appeal

THE ‘Friends for Life’ Limassol Hospice care appeal is a Limassol based Registered Charitable Association whose aim is to raise funds to provide Hospice based Palliative Care. We consist of a group of people who, like most of you today, have known and been emotionally affected by someone with a terminal illness. All our fundraising and the organization of the charity is carried out by unpaid volunteers.

The aim of the hospice is to provide short term palliative care, not long term medical treatment. We can offer short term respite care, enabling the families and carers to have a break, short term pain control and terminal care.

Hospice patients can be any age and during their stay, they will receive care to help relieve pain and other symptoms causing discomfort. This will be given with a great deal of love, care and skilled attention from trained nursing, counselling and support staff.

Our three bed hospice unit is the only hospice facility in Limassol. We can be found at The Chrysovalantou Clinic, 6 Ierou Lochou Street, Kapsalos, Limassol where well qualified medical staff are available to care for patients throughout the day and night.

We offer three types of care namely respite, symptom control and end of life. Patients may come in and go home again during the course of their illness.

Respite care is available for a period of two weeks to give families and carers some rest.

Symptom control helps to manage symptoms that cannot easily be controlled at home. The patient will return home when the symptoms are under control.

End of life care patients come to the unit when they are in the very last stages of their illness and death is imminent and both the patient and their family wish to be in the hospice rather than at home.

All our care is free, although we hope that financially able families will contribute to our charity to help us continue our work.

“You matter because you are you. You matter to the last moment of your life and we will do all we can not only to help you die peacefully but to live until you die.”

PP Nigel Howarth handing cheque for €2,000 to Friend for Life President Susan Gallimore