Friends of Mulanje Orphans

The Rotary Club of Limassol Berengaria Cosmopolitan provides fresh drinking water to aids orphans in Malawi.

The Friends of Mulanje Orphans (FOMO) was established in 2000 to aid Orphans in the Mulanje district of Malawi in Africa.

The seeds of the idea for the formation of FOMO stemmed from the many harrowing stories relayed back to Mary Woodworth from her friends and relatives still living in her home village in Mulanje. During a visit early in 2000, Mary and Keith, her husband, were able to see and hear of the desperate plight of many of the local children.

Determined to make the idea of FOMO a reality, Mary contacted relatives and friends who over the years had been helping many orphaned children. From this small beginning FOMO became a reality and aims to provide and enhance the health, education, food security, meet the basic human needs and develop the potential of all the needy and orphaned children of Mulanje.

From small beginnings FOMO has grown and now looks after over 5,000 orphaned children through a network of 13 centres covering about 85 villages in Mulanje district of Malawi.

Rotarian Chris Clapham has visited Mulanje on a number of occasions and has met Mary Woodworth. He was very impressed by the organisation and the work of Mary and her teams of volunteers and the vibrant atmosphere in the centres.

Our club decided that we would provide FOMO with a borehole and pump to supply fresh drinking water to one of its centres. The project, costing €6,000, was completed in 2010 and you can see some of the photographs of the project below.

Rotarian Chris Clapham reports

“On Monday last week I was in the UK – and had the opportunity to present the plaque to Mary Woodworth (the founder).  We had a lunch together with some of her staff – it was a wonderful experience – and they couldn’t thank our club enough.  The borehole is finished and is really changing peoples lives – as the particular community where it is located – meant that people previously walked for miles carrying buckets of water.

Thank you again to all members.”

Rotarian Chris Clapham – 22nd June, 2011