Over the last 64 years, our Club undertook various important projects. 

◊Utmost important project was the establishment of the Saint Panteleimon Old-Age Hostel, opposite the Tsirion Stadium, at a cost of approximately 180,000 Euro and which is now run by the Limassol Municipality.  



2015/16 PROJECTS

◊ The Club’s book is under process- (preparation began in May 2015). We have managed to find physical evidence and memorabilia from past members and past presidents of the Club dating back to 1951 (The Rotary Club Of Limassol – the second Club in Cyprus – received its charter in 1951 with 21 members.) We are working closely with the Limassol Historical Museum to finally assemble and accumulate the book.



◊ 20 & 21 April 2016 – Frozen chicken, pulses, dry and tinned food and other products were donated to the Limassol Mitropolis and Red Cross Society for the Community.



◊ 23 March 16 The Official presentation of the re-published book “The History of Limassol” by Xenofon Pharmakides. The Ceremony took place at the Limassol Historical Museum with Guest Speaker The Minister of Education Mr. Costas Kadis.





◊ 6 December 2015- Christmas Fund Raising Event in Aid of building and Expanding the Agios Stefanos Day Care Centre- BSM Marine Training School at the Limassol Marina






◊25 November 2015- Official presentation the Rotary/Vlassides unique blend of wine at Londa Hotel.



◊ 27 September 2015- Beach Cleaning Event for the Community Project at the Castela Beach, Agios Tychonas

(Force 8 Watersports)




◊ 3rd September 2015 – The successful project of installing a DISABLED SWING in the existing playground (found at the end of the Molos Promenade) donated by the Rotary Club of Limassol has finally been set up. A very rewarding and compassionate gesture, that was presented to the Limassol Mayor.



2014/15 PROJECTS

◊ The Delivery of the Outdoor Fitness Equipment at Molos Area (Theatre). A joint Project from the Rotary Clubs of Limassol, Amathousia and Curium. The event occurred in June 2015 with the Municipality and the Mayor of Limassol Mr. Andreas Christou being present.



◊ Barbecue at Andri and Dieter Rohdenburg’s Residence- Fundraising Event for the Community Project.



◊Donation of tinned/dry food as well as basic products was given to people in need in association with the Red Cross for Easter.

IMG_2053 (2)


◊ The Rotary Club of Limassol organized a Fashion Show with Victoria Sarri’s latest clothing line.

All proceeds were donated to the Elpida Foundation. (Cost 2500 Euro)



2013/14 PROJECTS

The Rotary Club of Limassol decided this year to give a helping hand to the people in need as follows.

◊      Cyprus Red Cross (Limassol Branch) 

Donation of 350 Chickens for the enrichment of the RED CROSS XMAS PARCELS.  (Cost 1750 Euro)



◊   Limassol Bishopric. 

Donation of the basic products for the preparation of 400 Xmas parcels for the people in need. In particular we donated 700 chickens,  4000kg of fresh potatoes, 400 liters of Olive Oil, 400 packets (4.5kg each) of     Washing Powder, 800 soaps, 250 washing liquid, 28 presents for kits and copy machine for the Bishopric.( Cost 12500 euro)

 IeraMitropolis- Kotopoula1


◊  Agios Stefanos Institution for Children with Special Needs

  Rotary Club of Donated the sum of 1400 Euro and small Buss for the Institution through the MG 79713


Agios Stefanos-SmallBus 

◊     The complete redesign and rebuilding of a fountain at Limassol round-about, known as “To eftapaton”.        

 ◊    The creation of the “Life-guard Towers” on the sea-front.


◊   The placement of 4 Clocks and Thermometers, one at Grigoris Afxentiou Square and three at the sea-side.

◊    A Blood Bank, donated to the Limassol Hospital.

◊    The provision of wheel-chairs to disabled persons, through the Cyprus Red Cross and   Welfare Office.

 ◊     The creation of a children’s playground at the Limassol sea front promenade. 

◊    The organization of several exhibitions of Limassol Artists’ Work.

◊    The establishment of a Children’s Library.


◊    The publication of a Tourist map of Limassol.                  

◊    The organization of a Poster Art Exhibition by students of Limassol Secondary Schools,  three of which were submitted to the Rotary International Competition with the Theme “ World Peace Through World Understanding “.

One of them won a Certificate of Merit.

 ◊     Several tree-planting campaigns in Limassol and the District,   one  of which is in the reclamation of the sea-front.

 ◊     The donation of furniture and fittings to the Thalassemia Laboratory, at the  Limassol Hospital.

◊     Donation of a 12-seater mini-bus for the Old Age Hostel in Agia Phyla.

◊     The formation of the “ Rotary Club of Limassol Scholarship Fund “.

◊     The donation of a 22-seater bus to the “ Apostolos Loucas “ school for children with special needs.

◊   Donation of a bus for the transportation of “Theotokos” for children with special needs.

◊     Promotion campaigns for the donation of human tissue for transplants.

◊     Equipment bought for the “ St. Stephanos “ home for children with special needs.

 ◊     A Keep-Limassol-Clean campaign.

 ◊     Purchase of musical instruments for the Lanition School Band.

◊     Scholarships to different students at home and abroad.

◊     Financial assistance to Amman Rotary Club on the occasion of the Gulf war.

◊     Humanitarian assistance to children in Chernobil – Russia.

◊     A “save water “ campaign.

◊    A Road-Safety campaign.

◊     The construction of six new rooms at the “ St. Panteleimon “ old aged hostel.

◊     The supply of the appropriate equipment for the physiotherapy room at “Theotokos” home.

◊  The  Kakumbi Clinic  – an African project.

◊  In 1952 The Rotary Club of Limassol pioneered a very ambitious and far-reaching project, helping the City of Limassol to eliminate the age-old sight of begging from the streets.

It helped raise funds, from which weekly allowances were paid to poor people who had no other means of support.

 ◊ The donation of a bus for the Autistic children.

The donation of an Oxygen producing machine and special beds to the PASYKAF.

◊Donation of electronic aids to Theotokos Foundation.

◊Donation of equipment to the Historical Museum of Limassol.

◊Donation of a bus for the transportation of the blind.

◊Beach Cleaning events.

◊Donation of used spectacle lenses to poor Countries.

Donation of Medicines to Kakumbi and Zimbabwe.

◊ The adoption of children from Africa.

◊ Cyprus Rotary Cord Blood Registry

Various fund-raising events:

  • The Doner Kebab Competition (for the World Book of Guiness), proceeds for our Community Fund.
  • The 24hour Tennis Marathon, proceeds donated to Limassol Anticancer Society.
  • The 24hour Squash Marathon, proceeds for our Community Fund.
  • Bicycle riding, proceeds donated to the Limassol History Museum.