–    A BRIEF HISTORY OF OUR CLUB     –                                                                                                                

Rotary was first introduced into Cyprus in 1938 with the establishment of the Rotary Club of Nicosia.

The Rotary Club Of Limassol – the second Club in Cyprus – received its charter in 1951 with 21 members.

At that time its membership included Greeks, Britons and Turks.

At the beginning of 2010 there were 68 members.

The first President of the Club was the British District Commissioner Mr. A. H. Dutton. All the members, irrespective of nationality, creed or religion, met in harmony, love and esteem, and collaborated closely for the welfare of the community. Imbued with the ideal of service, they carried out various projects which greatly helped the Limassol community

A list of our Club’s projects is included in our “Projects” page.