Historic Information

 Mr. Christodoulos Karakannas took the initiative in creating the ROTARY CLUB OF NICOSIA – LEDRA in 1982 with 27 Founding Members. He became the first President of the Club.

The name LEDRA is derived from the ancient name of the city where Nicosia is now built.

 At the very initial stages the ROTARY CLUB OF NICOSIA – LEDRA started its social and beneficial plan undertaking projects in order to assist the local community, such as the creation of a playground for children and a library in the Levention Museum.

In addition, the Club is active in donating on a yearly basis to different associations such as the Association for Autistic Children in Cyprus, the Lebanese Autism Society, the Association One for All Artists and to the Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Congenital heart Disorder.Generally speaking, every year the Club extends its help to various charitable establishments.

In order to develop international fellowship, the Club proceeded and successfully completed the twining with Rotary Club of Nea Makri in Greece and in cooperation with the Rotary Club of Athens Dionysos donated medical equipment to the General Hospital of Skyros Island in Greece.

At the moment the Club counts 32 male and 4 female members.

 A Glance to the Past. Evidence from the Club’s historic records (to view click on titles below):

The Club’s first historic Roster and board of Directors, The Club’s very first assembly, History of actions taken during the first years, Club’s event 1986-1987, Rotary publication by Mr Karakannas 1968



1982/83 Christodoulos Karakannas, PDG
1983/84 Michael Zampelas
1984/85 Michael Colocassides
1985/86 Andreas Pantazis
1986/87 Andreas Artemis
1987/88 Christos Pantzaris
1988/89 Costakis Loizou
1989/90 Kriton Phitidis
1990/91 George Pelaghias
1991/92 Costas Severis
1992/93 Marios Antoniades
1993/94 Alexis Theodossiades
1994/95 Dimitris Zachariades
1995/96 Costas Avraamides
1996/97 George Zartarian
1997/98 Bedros Shammassian
1998/99 Tatianos Tatianos
1999/2000 Theodoros Philippou
2000/2001 Petros Christodoulou
2001/2002 Christos Phylactou
2002/2003 Evripides Michaelides
2003/2004 George Aletraris
2004/2005 John Hatjantonas
2005/2006 Sparsis Modestou
2006/2007 Christodoulos Pelaghias
2007/2008 Michael Antoniades
2008/2009 George Ioannides
2009/2010 George Loizou
2010/2011 George Papadopoulos
2011/2012 Joseph Merhi
2012/2013 Maria Karantoni
2013/2014 Haris Papademetriou
2014/2015 Panagiotis Moiras
2015/2016 Nicos Theodoulou
PDG Christodoulos Karakannas 3 times 1984
PP Michael Zampelas 3 times 1987
Manos Zambas 1992
PP George Zartarian 2 times 1994
PP Theodoros Philippou 1994
PP Marios Antoniades 1996
PP Costas Avraamides 1996
George Michaelides 1996
George Loizou 2 times 1996
Harris Karakannas 1996
PP Christos Phylactou 2 times 1997
PP Petros Christodoulou 1999
Yiannis Ioannou 1999
Constantinos Colocassides 1999
Doros Droushiotis 2000
PP John Hatjantonas 2003
Chryso Kittou 2003
Lucy Nicolaou 2008

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