Projects 2012-2013


Polio Plus: As an international organization, and a part of the big Rotary family, the RC of Nicosia  will contribute to Polio eradication.   A special event is planned this year and the proceeds will be sent to RI for this purpose.

Humanitarian Aid To Greece: Touched by the economic crisis in Greece, the RC of Nicosia is organizing a collection of clothing and food-stuff in cooperation with the Archbishopric of Cyprus, in order to support various institutions and SOS Villages in Greece, which are supporting mainly children.  The event is organized during September,   which is the New Generations month.


Artificial Joints Project: 1.2-1.4 million disabled people, live in Egypt most of them living in very poor villages , having no financial means to improve their situation.  A survey was undertaken by Dr Mohamed Salah a Rotarian from the RC Al Orouba who has visited a lot of poor villages and identified  severe cases of children needing prosthesis.


Alzheimer Day Care Centre in Lythrodontas: The Alzheimer Day care centre has the capacity to offer services to 30 patients in a beautiful tranquil atmosphere, by professional staff, made up of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologist, nursing staff and assistants.  All these therapies aim in the elimination of the progress of the Alzheimer disease, while keeping the patients in a safe and beautiful environment and their families free for few hours. The Day Care Centre offers assessment and treatment programs in individual and group basis. It also provides lunch, free transportation offered by the municipality of Lythrodontas and personal care services. It is open from Monday to Friday from 8am-1pm.

Alzheimer Day Care Centre in Kaimakli: Implemented as a centenial project in cooperation with RC of Aspelia and Inner Wheel this is one of the most successful projects of our Club, which has won over the years Best Practices awards, funding from the EU and Community Service Awards.  Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, hot meals and a rest room are few of the services that are offered to the patients. The project has been embraced by the Municipality of Kaimakli who is supporting it as well as the Ministry of Health.

Makarios Hospital-Multi-functional Room: Established on the 2nd floor of Makarios hospital our centre offers an oasis of entertainment and learning to the children who are hospitalized at the near by wards. Every Sunday our Rotaractors play with the children and offer them juice and snacks.
Red Cross Rehabilitation Centre for children: Based in Limassol the Rehabilitation Centre offers services to children, who don’t need hospitalization but they need medical care, to heal in a safe and professional enviroment. It is run by the Red Cross, but has a lot of needs, which will be assessed at the beginning of September, the New Generations month.  An Opera Night is already planned for March in order to support the centre.
New Rehabilitation/Asthma Centre in Kyperounda:  Blessed by the best climate in Cyprus, due to its geographical position, Kyperounda is the ideal place for healing  for adults and children suffering with Asthma.  A visit has taken place and meeting with the local authorities to inspect the premises which are adjoined to the existing hospital in order to explore possibilities to create a Rotary rehab centre or Asthma centre as a long term project.
Pediko Hamogelo: Association of Support of Abused and Deprived children. Established in 2009, Pediko Hamogelo offers psychological and financial support to children who are abused psychologically, physically or mentally. It cooperates with other NGO’s in making public campaigns in order to create a awareness and prohibit child abuse.  A theatre performance is organized by the RC of Nicosia in order to support that.

Scholarship fund: One of Rotary’s fundamentals is the support of Youth, the Future of the World.

The Rotary Club of Nicosia, has awarded eleven students with scholarships   for the academic year 2012-13, during a simple and moving ceremony which took place at the District Governor’s office on the 12th of February.

The criteria of the Scholarships were based on the high academic performance of the students as well as the financial position of the family.  In times of global recession and economic crisis, the need of a proper education is even more essential as Education is a passport for professional and personal development.

Schoraship Ceremony 2013

Schoraship Ceremony Feb 2013


Newlife Project: The Rotary Club of Nicosia in cooperation with Varnavas Hadjipanayi Ltd has launched the New Life and New Hope Project, which aims in providing baby clothes, toys and shoes and  chairs/swings to new born babies and young children.

Many mothers face difficulties in getting milk , clothes and accessories for their babies. There are already two institutions in Cyprus who are offering , these essential things to the babies but due to unexpectingly increasing demand, they find huge difficulties in covering the current needs. This is where extra help was needed from Rotarians and other volunteers.

By this project the Rotary Club of Nicosia aims in making the first moments of each child who comes to life to be special and happy, with enough clothing and bedding as well as a brand new chair/swing for his safety , comfort and fun.

President Yioula at a cereny of the New life project Feb 2013

President Yioula at a cereny of the New life project Feb 2013