Clean Cyprus

“Clean Cyprus” – Let’s make Cyprus a Cleaner, Greener Place

“Clean Cyprus” Environmental Project. In addition to directly reaching thousands of people through our informational leaflets and collaboration with municipalities and schools, our Clean Cyprus campaign gained extensive press coverage, thus amplifying impact and outreach. This included articles in one of the country’s leading daily newspapers, Politis, and on the SIGMA national television channel, reaching an estimated 54,000 people. In addition, information from the campaign was posted on the Cyprus Commissioner for the Environment’s website for one month, reaching an estimated 1,200 people, and the information was also circulated to the Commissioner’s database of 1,500 contacts.

Partners: Green Dot Cyprus Ltd

Beneficiaries: unlimited schools municipalities  and the public in general

Funding: Gala dinner. Lunch at Elena Tanou’s house

Sponsors: CEI Recycling – Michalis Argyrou, Marfin Capital Partners, Hania and Farid Ekhtesadi, Hilton Hotel, Fidardos Windery, Epotechniki


Biodiversity presentation

Press coverage:

PRESS – Politis

PRESS – Philelftheros

PRESS – Cyprus Mail

PRESS – District magazine 418 p1

PRESS – District Magazine 418 p2