R.I. District 2450

Logo of the Rotary Club of Nicosia Aspelia as of 2015

The Rotary Club of Nicosia-Aspelia was established in 1995 with a multinational membership from many professions that soon grew to become one of the most dynamic among the 19 Rotary Clubs in Cyprus.

In 1998 the Club established a Scholarship Fund to support needy university students from the Nicosia District. The seed money came from the proceeds of a Grand Raffle that raised CYP 50,000 (EUR 85,430) and since then, the Fund’s capital has increased substantially contributing scholarships to 30 students.

The Club has also been active in international projects – water wells in Zimbabwe, eradication of Thalassaemia in Albania, computers to orphanages in Armenia, fishing boats for Tsunami victims in Thailand, shoes for orphanages in the Middle East and sending emergency aid Shelterboxes to disaster areas such as Haiti and Pakistan.

During the Rotary Centennial year of 2005-2006, Aspelia was involved with two projects in Cyprus, both of which are active today – a cord blood bank facility and an Alzheimer’s patients day care centre. Other projects Aspelia supports include the Pediki Stegi children’s home, the anti-drugs mobile unit of the police, information material for the Dyslexia Association, two minibuses for the Anti-Cancer Society, recycling awareness, an educational organic farm, medical lectures and public speaking seminars for young students.

Over the last 15 years, Aspelia has raised more than half a million euros for Community and Club projects, has contributed regularly to Rotary Foundation international projects and participates actively in District projects and offices.

You can download a PDF document of our annual report here.