2016-17 Rotary Year Projects

New President’s plans for the 2016-17 Rotary Year

Incoming President David Whindle (pictured below) takes office on 1 July at the start of the 2016-17 Rotary year.  David is a very experienced Rotarian, having been a Club President and District Governor in England prior to retiring to Cyprus.



David set out his priorities for his year at the Club Assembly on June 16th.  A key focus will be on membership, maintaining our good record of recruiting new members and ensuring that new recruits become active and committed.  David wishes to continue existing projects – the casino night, the gluhwein Christmas event, the swimming competition, the running competition, the pottery event – and also to run a new project – a public speaking competition for local young people.  He also wants the Club to maintain its great track record

of inviting informative external speakers to our regular meetings.  David stresses the need for teamwork and hopes to run a ‘brainstorming’ event early in his Presidency, to garner members’ ideas about the Club’s future direction.

All in all, we can be confident that the leadership of our Club is in safe hands.

Childhood Cancer Diagnostic Centre Project

Paphos Aphrodite is joining other Cyprus Rotary Clubs to fund a state-of-the-art Diagnostic Centre for the Karaiskakion Foundation in Nicosia.  This major project will massively improve the early and correct detection of childhood cancers.  No such specialist unit currently exists in Cyprus, so this project will fill an important health need on the island.  Please click on the following link to learn more about the work of the hospital.



Annual Christmas gluhwein event

Club members and their family and friends turned out in good numbers to support our annual gluhwein-and-sausages sale, held this year on Wednesday December 21st in the car park behind the main police station in Paphos town centre.  The wein was expertly brewed by our Deutscher Gluhweinmeister, Julia Rautenschlein.  George Kafizas sizzled the sausages, and Julia was assisted in serving the wein by Rotarians Elena Ioannou, Irene Batis and Xenia Papastylianou.  It would have been good to see more members of the general public in attendance, but all who participated enjoyed themselves.

gluhwein5res      gluhwein2res

    Julia and helpers in action.                             The gluhwein stall, with motto.


Throwing on the potter’s wheel

Our immediate past President, Panicos Georgiades, opened his business, Savvas Pottery in Geroskipou, to Rotarians, their guests and members of the public on Sunday November 20th, enabling people to throw their own pots for a small fee, with all proceeds going to local charities. The pictures below show brother and sister Andrianna and Stylianou trying their hand at pottery, helped by Panicos;s brother (and fellow potter) George. The event raised 260 euros for local charities.


Intense concentration !!


I did it !!


Swimming Marathon

On the morning of Saturday 30 July the Club, in association with Stellios Kyriakides Running Cub, hosted a Swimming Marathon at the Municipal Pool in Kato Paphos.  Entry fee was just 5 Euros, and all proceeds will be used to fund the new Oncology Department at Paphos General Hospital.



2015-16 Rotary Year Projects:

President: Rot. Panicos Georgiades

Project: Annual Christmas Gluhwein event

Club members turned out in force in Paphos town centre on December 19th for the Club’s annual sale of festive Gluhwein. raising 621 euros for good causes.

Project: Throwing on the potter’s wheel

President Panicos opened his Savvas Pottery premises to fellow Rotarians and members of the public on September 28th to enable people to throw their own pottery items in return for charitable donations.

_______________________________________________________ Project History:  (NB the ‘Rotary Year’ begins on 1 July)

Year 2014-2015

President: Xenia Papastylianou

Projects: Supporting Elderly (several modules)

Year 2013-2014

President: Julia Rautenschlein

Projects: Supporting Youth (several modules)

Year 2012-2013

President: Elena Ioannou

Projects: Supporting Children in Need & Special Needs (several modules)

Year 2011-2012

President: Carl-Erland Schroder

Project: Updated internal structure and increased international information

Year 2010-2011

President: Liza Tsadioti

Project: Supporting Local Charities, Euromeeting in Cyprus

Year 2009-2010

President: George Ioakim

Project: Health Equipment to the Cancer research center in Nicosia

Year 2008-2009

President: Elena Lazarou

Project: “Solar System” at “Margaritas Liasides Idrima” in Pafos

Year 2007-2008

President: Michalis Michael

Project: Make a wish and other various smaller projects.

Year 2006-2007

President: Micheal Heap

Project: Uganda Project

Year 2005-2006

President: Neophytos Zavridis

Project: Wishing Well Project – in a Public Place

Year 2004-2005

President: Michalakis Maratheftis

Project: Mini Bus (Ag. Theoskepastis)

Year 2003-2004

President: Vassos Komodromos

Project: Pruchase of 280 wheelchairs with the assistance of wheelchair Foundation for the needs of

the handicapped people of Cyprus.

Year 2002-2003

President: Demetris Loucaides

Project: Donation of financial aid for the support of needs of the society of families with more than  four children.

Year 2001-2002

President: Pantelis Evangelou

Project: Donation of 30 bicycles for the children of Rizocarpaso and also sponsoring of medical

house helpers for the benefit of cancer patient support group of Paphos.

Year 2000-2001

President: Christis Hadjimitsis

Project: Donation of a travelling educational package round Greece for the children of the Youth Hostel of Paphos.

Year 1999-2000

President : Simos Tselepos

Project: Donation of furniture and equipment for the “Vera Paisi” foundation which is against drug addiction.

Year 1998-1999

President: Zenonas Chryssostomou

Project: Donation of machinery for gymnastics, logotherapy and physiotherapy for the needs of the Margarita Liassidou foundation.

Year 1997-1998

President: Fantinos Hadjimitsis

Project: Cardiological machinery for the Paphos General Hospital and payment of two crossing lane traffic wardens for the school year for the 2nd  elementary school Demetrion.