RI newsletters

 Community Service Update The  Community Service Update is a quarterly electronic newsletter that provides Rotarians with news about effective service practices, project resources, and important service-related events. Sign up.

End Polio Now End Polio Now is a quarterly newsletter about polio eradication. The newsletter includes both the latest statistics and inspiring stories. Subscribe.

Every Rotarian, Every Year Every Rotarian, Every Year offers Annual Programs Fund updates, articles on how Rotarians are meeting their clubs’ goals, and stories about how Annual Programs Fund contributions enhance people’s lives. Sign up.

Future Vision News The monthly Future Vision News connects you to new online Future Vision resources and information and reminds you of upcoming Future Vision pilot deadlines. Everyone is welcome to subscribe. Sign up.

International Service Update The bi-monthly International Service Update e-newsletter provides current information about international service, Rotary Community Corps, as well as disaster relief and recovery. Visit Service and Fellowship for details about these programs. Sign up for the e-newsletter. Download an International Service Update e-newsletter.

Membership Minute The Membership Minute is a short e-mail newsletter that provides membership development ideas, resources, and tools. Sign up and see past issues.

New Generations The New Generations monthly e-newsletter provides news and developments regarding Rotary’s youth and young adult programs: Interact, Rotaract, and RYLA. You can sign up for the newsletters by visiting these programs’ Web pages.

Peace Net The Peace Net newsletter is a forum for the Rotary Centers community. Sign up.

PR Tips The biweekly PR Tips offers innovative ideas for clubs and districts to promote Rotary in their communities. Sign up and see past issues.

Reconnections Reconnections is the source for news about Rotary Foundation alumni. Sign up.

Rotary Leader Rotary leader is Rotary’s flagship multimedia publication. Published bimonthly in eight languages, Rotary Leader features practical information for Rotary club and district officers, incoming officers, committee chairs, and other leaders. Subscribe.

Rotary: Navigating the Global Network Rotary: Navigating the Global Network is intended for civic and humanitarian organizations around the world. Articles highlight Rotary’s local and international work. Sign up.

Rotary Training Talk Rotary Training Talk keeps Rotarians informed about the latest news in RI training, including RI mailings, RI Board decisions that affect training, and training tips. Sign up and see past issues.

Rotary Youth Exchange Newsletter The Rotary Youth Exchange Newsletter is distributed bi-monthly and contains information and updates on current Youth Exchange events and resources. It’s intended for all Youth Exchange officers and interested Rotarians. Subscribe.

Visions Visions provides information about the benefits of charitable estate and financial planning. (Note: Visions is intended for a U.S. audience.) Sign up and see past issues.

Vocational Service Update The Vocational Service Update is a quarterly electronic newsletter that provides information and resources to help Rotarians practice vocational service in their professional lives and through club activities. Sign up.

Weekly Update Weekly Update provides the latest Rotary news. It can be used for club and district newsletters and Web sites. Sign up.