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The Rotary Club of New York (The host Club of America)

Christodoulos Achilleoudis (Past President of Nicosia-Lefkothea Rotary Club, Cyprus) visited the New York Rotary Club on Tuesday 27 March 2007 at 12.15 – 13.30. President of the New York Club: Jim Bryan.

Speaker of the day: Robby Donno on “Rotary Gift of Life, USA & Russia

The meeting was concluded with Past President Bill Curie introducing Robby Donno, one of the founders of “Gift of Life” programme that was started at a Long Island Rotary Club in 1975. Increasingly, the “Gift of Life” is now performing needed heart surgery overseas since it is more cost effective. There are currently five hospitals in Columbia, five in the Philippines, seven in China, and 13 in India, that work with the Gift of Life program.

Robby introduced a number of his guests, including Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Odessa, Ukraine, related with “Russian Gift of Life”. The President of the Odessa club gave an inspiring talk noting that more than eight hundred Russian children and four hundred Ukrainian children have received surgery through the Gift of Life / Rotary partnership. She also noted that her club has only 12 active members, and that there are about eight hundred Rotarians in the Ukraine.

The cardio-surgeon at the Odessa Children’s Hospital also addressed the club through a translator. She mentioned that it was appropriate to meet on New York’s first warm Spring day because the Spring brings life, and so does the Gift of Life. She emphasized that, thanks to Rotary, more children in the Ukraine are now being operated on a regular basis. But there are still many more children waiting for surgery.

Robby pointed out that while it cost on average $8,000 to $10,000 to save a child in this country, and about $2,000 overseas, there is no monetary equivalent that could replace that moment when a parent learns that their child is going to live a long and normal life.

Past-president Bill also pointed out how Rotary is the envy of other humanitarian organizations because we have a network of Rotarians in 169 countries that are universally committed to contributing to making the world a more peaceful and healthy place.

“Russian Gift of Life” funds pediatric heart surgery in the United States and Russia, supports medical mission to Russia and sponsors a unique matching gift programme that is helping create a tradition of giving in Russia. It began in Sea Cliff, New York, in Partnership with the “Rotary Gift of Life” programme when a generous grant from United Parcel Service brought 40 Russian children to America for open-heart surgery. Individual donations followed and the programme grew. Americans and Russian descent responded with love, understanding and kindness by volunteering their time to support the children while in America.

From left: The Rotary's Global History Fellowship Chairman Mats Ingemanson, the speaker of the day Robby Donno, the Past District Governor (2005-2006) of District 7230 Helen Reisler, PP Christodoulos Achilleoudis (R.C. Nicosia-Lefkothea, Cyprus), the President of the R.C. of New York Jim Bryan and the Past District Governor (1999-2000) of District 7230 Paul Caruso

From left: Mats Ingemanson, the speaker of the day RobbyDonno, PDG Helen Reisler, PP of New York Rotary Club Arcadio Casillas, PP Christodoulos Achilleoudis (R.C. Nicosia-Lefkothea, Cyprus), President Jim Bryan, the Russian President of he R.C. Odessa, Ukrain, and AG for Clubs in South Region Svitlana Melkonyan and the PDG Paul Caruso.

Members of the New York Rotary Club and Rotarians co-speakers from Ukraine together with President Jim Bryan. Cyprus was also present

Past District Governor (2005-2006) Helen Reisler was recognised Paul Harris Fellow for the 7th time!!! Three were offered to her by Rotary Clubs and the rest by her.


From: []
Sent: Sunday, July 15, 2007 11:41 PM
Subject: Re: ROTARY MEETING 27 March 2007

Dear Chris,

So nice to hear from you. Thank you, so much, for sending the photos. They came out very well and are a nice memory of a lovely day. It is always nice to have you visit our New York club and I hope we shall see you again soon.

All my best to you and the members of your club.


PDG Helen Reisler


From: []
Sent: Saturday, July 28, 2007 3:02 AM
To: Chris Achilleoudis
Cc: Andreas Runggatscher
Subject: ROTARY MEETING 27 March 2007

Dear Christodoulos,

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I have done a lot of business travels this year, which has kept me out of America about 50% of the time.

I have retired since one year ago from writing Rotary newsletters, but I have copied this message to Andreas Rungatscher and David Delmonte, who now write newsletters for the Rotary Club of New York.

There is a recording of a Rotary Speech about “The Real Paul Harris” that I gave at the Rotary District 5150 Conference in California on April 21 this year. If you are interested, you can listen to my speech on the internet at:

Let me know when you are in New York the next time.




From: Melkonyan []
Sent: Saturday, July 28, 2007 11:53 PM

Subject: RC Odessa: Our greetings to the Orchestra, Long Island Youth Orchestra in Odessa Philarmonic

Dear Christodoulos !

Greetings to the RC Nicosia-Lefkothea.

I`m so sory for delay with my answer. We had tough schedule on July due to visit in Ukraine (Odessa), Long Island Youth Orchestra (appr.100 persons), about which we care and assist with performance for the Odessa Rotary Club`s programs. (See fotos below).

I have received your email with excellent fotos, many thanks. I`m going have the whole month for the rest near the sea far from home and work.

I`ll be glad to remember all the best meetings in the last Rotarian year.

I hope we stay in touch,

Best regards,

Svetlana Melkonyan,

President of Odessa RC


From: []
Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2007 8:45 AM

Dear Christodoulos:

Thank you for your warm and thoughtful communication. It is comforting to know we have a good friend such as you.

Gail and I are honored by your past and new, kind announcements in the “Rotary Club of Nicosia-Lefkothea” “Bulletin.”

Chris, Gail and I feel that what is needed for the people of the world is a “Micro Prosperity.” We are setting up a”Micro Credit Fund” within the Rotary International Foundation. This Fund supporting a Vocational Service Program will help Forster a “Population Prosperity” which will help eliminate poverty, promote peace, and above all, bring “Dignity to the Peoples of the World.”

Your Friend Always,

Paul Caruso


Nicosia, 14 January 2007

Dear Paul and Gail,

With great pleasure I contact you for two reasons:

(a) To express my best wishes for 2007 and let you know that I always remember you.

(b) To tell you to open the attached Weekly Bulletin of my Rotary Club “Nicosia-Lefkothea” on page 4. The information was taken from the Rotary World Magazine. I will also put our Bulletin on our web site as well as on the District 2450 web site.

I am very glad reading about the nice dream of both of you. Please be so kind to tell me more details.

N.B.: This is the second time you and Gail appear in the Weekly Bulletin and on the web site of my Club “Nicosia-Lefkothea”. I am sure that you remember the first one, on our web site: under the Chapter “Bulletin” and “Nicosia-Lefkothea and other Rotary Clubs in the World”. You may still visit it.

Waiting for your good news which always gives me great pleasure,

With best wishes from Cyprus

PP Christodoulos Achilleoudis
District 2450 Awards Committee Coordinator for Cyprus.


VISIT TO The Rotary Club of New York

On Tuesday 4 April 2006, at 12.15 – 13.30, I visited the Rotary Club of New York. President of the Club is William (Bill) Currie.

Speaker of the day was Claudia Rosett, journalist-in-residence at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies and former member of the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal.

It was a very nice meeting and I was very pleased.

The speaker of the day Claudia Rosett

President Bill and Claudia

Present were also the District Governor of New York area 7230 Helen Reisler and the Past District Governor Paul Caruso (1999-2000), both well known to me from my previous visits.

President Bill expresses his best wishes to the President and all the members of “Nicosia-Lefkothea”.

DG Helen expresses her wishes to our District Governor for good success of the District Conference in Cyprus, 27-30 April 2006.

She is going to have her District Conference just the same dates, 28-30 April 2006, in Westchester Marriott Hotel in TARRYTOWN (Westchester, NY).

PDG Paul referred to their coming District Conference.

“The luncheon on the first day of the Conference will feature no one less than Mia Farrow. She will be the speaker during the Noon Awards Luncheon on Friday April 28”.

DG Helen Reisler

PDG Paul Caruso

From left: PDG Paul Caruso, President Bill, DG Helen and me

Christodoulos Achilleoudis

Past President of the Rotary Club “Nicosia-Lefkothea”, Cyprus (District 2450)
and Internet Communication Officer


17 April 2006

Dear Chris,

It was so nice to see you at our New York Rotary meeting recently. You are welcome any time.

Thank you for sending your club Newsletter and those wonderful photos you took at our club.

As you know, I am still quite busy preparing for my District Conference. I do hope that yours will go well also.

I am attaching the Agenda for my Conference, for your interest.

Very best regards,

Helen Reisler

District Governor 7230

(New York & Bermuda)


One more special reference to NICOSIA-LEFKOTHEA in the Bulletin of 2 March 2003 of the Rotary Club of NEW YORK

Please see also the related attached correspondence regarding the Past District Governor of New York area Paul Caruso, a person worthwhile to know:

The Rotary Club of New York

(Extract from the Bulletin of 2 March 2003)

March 2, 2003

Fellow Rotarians,

There are Rotarians all over the world, who follow our legendary Rotary Club on the Internet. I just received the following message from Christodoulos Achilleoudis at the Nicosia-Lefkothea Rotary Club in Cyprus.

Dear Mats,

Thank you very much once again for keeping me informed about the news of your Rotary Club of NEW YORK. It is great pleasure for me. Please notice that I made a link on the Internet between our Clubs. You may find some of our latest correspondence on the web address: and opening “Clubs” you click on NICOSIA-LEFKOTHEA Rotary Club (Section: Bulletin).

The reason of writing to you now is that in your last Bulletin of today (24 February 2003), which I have received just now, you refer to my friend Past District Governor Paul Caruso and his wife Gail. I have read all you say about, and that he is now with your Rotary Club of NEW YORK. We know each other since many years, and I was welcomed not only to his previous Rotary Club of NORTH SHORE (2 times: 26 March 1998 and 11 June 1998) but also to his nice home in Staten Island. With great interest I have also read about his “fire story”.

Although I have his home address, I do not have his e-mail. Please, be so kind to send me his e-mail address, in order to be able to chat a little with him.

Best wishes from Cyprus and congratulations again for the excellent work you do with the Rotary Club of New York BULLETIN.

Christodoulos Achilleoudis

Immediate Past President and Internet Communication Officer of NICOSIA-LEFKOTHEA Rotary Club, CYPRUS

Christodoulos is a great example of Rotary fellowship without limitations in distance or time.

Mats Ingemanson
Internet Communication Officer
The Rotary Club of New York
District 7230 Chairman
Group Study Exchange Committee
Vice Chairman
Rotary’s Global History


From: Mats Ingemanson
To: Christodoulos Achilleoudis
Subject: Re: PAUL CARUSO
Sent: Mon 24 Feb 2003

Dear Christodoulos,

It is nice to hear from you. Paul’s e-mail is I also sent Paul a copy of this message.



From: Christodoulos Achilleoudis
Sent: Thu 27 Feb 2003

Dear PDG Paul,


With great pleasure I have read about you in the last Bulletin of the Rotary Club of New York and came to my mind the time we met. I got your e-mail from Mats, who is very kind enough to send me the Bulletin every week. So, I am very well informed about the various activities of the Club.

So, you are now a member of the New York Rotary Club, or you go to both Clubs?

I am the Immediate Past President of my Club “Nicosia-Lefkothea”. On the occasion of the 15 years of my Club, I am preparing the issue of a new WHO’S WHO, including the History of the Club. It is a lot of work but I like it.

I will be very pleased to hear a few recent news about you and your family. How is Gail?

Since yesterday we have with us in Cyprus the U.N. Secretary General. We hope that this time a fare solution will be succeeded.

My best wishes to you and Gail,

Christodoulos Achilleoudis


Sent: Fri 28 Feb 2003

Dear Chris:

Thank you for your kind words. Mats is a great journalist, he is writing nice stories about Gail and I. I am enjoying being a member of this professional club, every one makes me feel so welcome! Gail and I are spending more time in the City, and not attending Staten Island Rotary.

Its important being a past President, it opens up Rotary to the district and International levels. We been having interesting breakfast meetings at the UN, German mission once a month. Also working on a possible world District, which is much needed in these most troubled times.

I am interested in hearing about your Club “Nicosia-Lefkothea.”

How are you and family doing? We had some nice fellowship together, when is your next visit? We will get together to my club, and to my home!

What is the situation in Cyprus, that calls for the UN Secretary General? Hope everything goes well!

Your Friend,

Paul Caruso


Sent: Sun 2 Mar 2003

Dear PDG Paul,

I am very pleased from our new contact again.

Thank you for your interest to hear about my Club. You may find it on the Internet under the address: , go to “Clubs” and click “Nicosia-Lefkothea”. You will also find our latest correspondence on the page “Bulletin”. I will be very pleased to hear any suggestions or comments.

Regarding the visit of the UN Secretary General to Cyprus: Nothing up to now. A new Meeting will take place on 10 March in The Hague. We all hope that something good will be reached and the reunification of Cyprus will become a reality.

I would like to hear a few more things about the breakfast meetings at the UN and the possible World District.

Thank you again for your kind invitation.

Best wishes to all of you, family and the Club,

Your friend



A brief Biography of PDG Paul Caruso, taken from the New York Bulletin

Past District Governor 1999-2000

Paul E. Caruso

Paul E. Caruso, born in Brooklyn, New York, propelled himself into his own business at age 19, in order to help support his family. He became an entrepreneur by developing commercial real estate. Paul is a self-made and educated person.

Paul became Rotary District 7230 Governor in 1999 and worked for our District and Rotary International full time during his term.

Paul’s experience with Rotary began in 1985, when he joined the Rotary Club of North Shore, Staten Island. He has gained valuable experience in Community and World Service. Mr. Caruso Co-chaired a Polio-Plus event, which raised $25,000 from the North Shore Rotary Club. Paul built many fund-raising booths and attractions for local schools, the community and Rotary Club of North Shore. He was elected President of the North Shore Rotary Charitable Foundation in 1989-1990 and served as Club President in 1993-1994. In 1996, Paul received a Paul Harris Award from his club.

Paul & Gail Caruso

Paul has attended On-to-Bermuda trips every year since 1992. He served twice as the District’s Area Representative 1995-1997; Trustee for District 7230 Foundation; attended most District Conferences (many for the four-day duration); attended Rotary International Conventions in Nice, France 1995; Calgary, Canada 1996; Glasgow, Scotland 1997; Indianapolis, Indiana 1998; Singapore 1999; and has registered for Buenos Aires, Argentina 2000. Paul, as Governor Nominee attended Rotary International Day at the United Nations in November 1998 and the Presidential Conference in Washington, D. C. in December 1998 with its focus on children.

Paul is actively supported by his wife, Gail. They live in Staten Island, N.Y. and have four children, Lorraine, Paul Jr. (member of Gateway Rotary), Christina and Grace (charter member of Rotaract in Staten Island) and two grandchildren, Paul III and Sabrina.

Paul became a member of the Rotary Club of New York in 2002.

Paul and Gail enjoy “Travelling the World of Rotary.”


We have received the following letter from the friend rotarian C.K. Tsang from Hong Kong, referring to Nicosia-Lefkothea in comparison with his Club : Rotary Club of “KOWLOON GOLDEN MILE”, Hong Kong, D.3450.

Dear Christodoulos

I visited the web side of your Rotary Club and discovered that your Club and my Club are actually born almost at the same time and both yourself and myself are founding members and both of us have now been past presidents, how nice! Our Club in Hong Kong, which you have attended several years ago, is considered to be one of the most fun clubs in town and if you are traveling to this part of the world again, you are most welcome.


Dear C.K. ,

Thank you very much for your kind letter and the similarities you have found from our website. Allow me to add another one, that of the District Number: Ours is D.2450 and yours D.3450!! Isn’t this another coincidence?

Best wishes to the President and all the Members of your Club from the President and the Members of my Club “Nicosia-Lefkothea”, Cyprus. Hope to meet one day, either there or here.

Christodoulos Achilleoudis

18 February 2003


We have received the following from the Rotary International :

From : Nancy Leon (
To: Christodoulos Achilleoudis
30 December 2002
Dear Christodoulos,


Thank you for your wishes! I also wish you have a wonderful new year.

According to my records, you and your club were awarded with the distinguished Presidential Citation.

The certificate award was to be presented to the club as a distinguished club. In addition, a bronze pin was to be presented to you as distinguished club President. These were sent to the District Governor on 14 June of 2002.

Would you kindly confirm receiving this recognition. Otherwise, I will send you a replacement.

Kind Regards,

Nancy A. León

Programs Coordinator, Intercultural Programs and Recognition Section


The Rotary Club of New York Bulletin

(Extract from the Bulletin of 28 December 2002)

Fellow Rotarians,

I received the following Christmas Greeting from Christodoulos Achilleoudis in Cyprus :

Dear Mats,

Best wishes for Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2003 to you, to the President and all the members of the Rotary Club of NEW YORK from me, the President and all the Members of my Rotary Club of NICOSIA-LEFKOTHEA, Cyprus.

From your interesting and so rich Bulletins, which you are so kind to send me regularly, I am informed about all the news and activities of your historic and excellent Club, which I always visit when I am in New York. Recalling my visits up to now, I find that they are 6 in total during the last 6 years: 1) 10 October 1996 (President Arcadio Casillas), 2) 1 May 1997 (President Arcadio Casillas), 3) 21 January 1999 (President Lewis T. Kulik), 4) 28 January 1999 (President Lewis T. Kulik), 5) 24 April 2001 (President Serge E. Hadjolian), 6) 18 December 2001 (President Helen Reisler).

My best wishes to all the above Presidents.

With Rotarian greetings

Christodoulos Achilleoudis

Immediate Past President and Internet Communication Officer of

NICOSIA-LEFKOTHEA Rotary Club, Nicosia, Cyprus

Thank you Christodoulos. I look forward to see you when you come to New York next time.

Happy Holidays to all!

Mats Ingemanson

Internet Communication Officer

The Rotary Club of New York


Special reference to NICOSIA-LEFKOTHEA in the Bulletin of 25 November 2002 of the Rotary Club of NEW YORK :

The Rotary Club of New York Bulletin

(Extract from the Newsletter sent 25 November 2002)

Fellow Rotarians,

Many Rotarians around the world follow our activities in New York. Christodoulos Achilleoudis from the Rotary Club of NICOSIA-LEFKOTHEA in Cyprus visited our club some time ago and he recently sent me the following message, which he has also sent to all Cyprus Rotarians:

Dear Fellow Rotarians all over Cyprus,

In the latest WEEKLY BULLETIN of the Rotary Club of NEW YORK, which was kindly sent to me by e-mail, a most interesting speech by Bhichai Rattakul, the President of Rotary International, is included. It was given on 9 November 2002 on the occasion of the Rotary International Day at the United Nations, New York City.

The speech was about Rotary’s relationship with the United Nations and how 49 ROTARIANS PARTICIPATED IN THE FORMATION OF THE UNITED NATIONS. They participated in the UN Charter Conference in 1945 and helped to write an important chapter of history with the UN Charter.

The very first President of the General Assembly was a Rotarian – Carlos P. Romulo of the Philippines, who also served as Vice President of Rotary International.

Today, Rotary International holds the UN’s highest non-governmental consultative status. Rotary International appoints representatives to UNESCO, the UN Environment Program, the UN Center for Human Settlement and other UN agencies.

With great pleasure I ATTACH this most interesting speech, because I believe that every Rotarian must know about this historic event. It is not long and I am sure that you will be interested in devoting a few minutes to read it and learn more about this relationship, for which we must be most grateful.

With Rotarian greetings,

Christodoulos Achilleoudis,

Immediate Past President of the


Thank you Christodoulos for your message of peace! Rotary International President Bhichai Rattakul’s United Nations Speech is available on our website at

Rotary is a worldwide fellowship!

Mats Ingemanson
Internet Communication Officer
The Rotary Club of New York
Vice Chairman
Rotary’s Global History