Projects 2008-2009

Projects under the Presidency of George Psimolophites

A. Membership

1.    Fundamental Role of Membership Committee

To take all necessary steps to retain existing Members and at the same time to identify and recruit new Members provided they satisfy certain criteria according to the Principals of International Rotary.

Membership growth is a basic prerequisite towards strengthening the developmental route of our Rotary Club in particular with regards to adopting new ideas and new interests as well as in promoting new activities and new initiatives always with the ultimate objective to achieve the basic goals of International Rotary.

2.    In these directions we must constantly and continuously evaluate in general terms the following:

  1. Whether Club Membership represents a fair and balanced cross-section of Cypriot community
  2. Whether we manage to continually, add new Members and at the same time we are successful in achieving every year a net increase in overall Membership.
  3. Evaluate every year the prevailing interest of Members to fill Directors and Officers positions in an energetic and productive manner.
  4. Evaluate whether there is a high degree of non productive (idle) Members and or Members who choose after some time not to stay in the Club.

Needless to stress that we should always investigate the causes of the aforementioned Membership leakages and timely try to prevent them and/or eliminate them.

3.    Therefore, it is our view that systematic work is needed with particular emphasis to the following:

  1. Systematic collection and evaluation of Membership attendance figures during weekly programs as well as participation in other Club’s activities, initiatives, projects etc.
    If the said figures exhibit a downward trend then all appropriate action with specific measures should be taken without delay in order to stop the said negative trend.
  2. Adoption of a specific Action Plan targeted towards the recruitment of new Members to meet the dual goal, on the one hand to fill empty Club classifications and on the other hand to introduce new Membership Classifications in line with Club’s priorities and interests.
    It goes without saying that success in this regard requires prospective new Members to be invited to attend regular Club meetings to be properly informed, receive pre-induction courses and encouraged in various ways to be interested in the Principles and visions of Rotary.

4.   Last but not least we would like to point out in particular that it is of paramount importance, if we are to be successful towards achieving our ultimate objective for a continues, healthy and sustainable Membership development, the following:

  1. Secure a high standard informative and lively weekly meetings during which Members will be given the opportunity to express their view and discuss with Club Officials and exchange views on various Rotary issues, projects, initiatives, etc.
  2. Secure an energetic and active involvement, if not all at least most of Members to the major annual Club Projects.
  3. Secure a continues and systematic participation of prominent speakers during weekly meetings who possess the appropriate knowhow and expertise, a prerequisite to provide interest expositions and cultivate discussion with members on various important issues confronting the economy, health, politics the environment, the society, and so on and so forth.
  4. Secure adequate opportunities for the Members and their families to get to know one another through the often organization of fellowship and other similar activities.
  5. Last but not least give the opportunity to Members to become aware of their responsibilities to the Club and to Rotary International in general as well as of the values of International Rotary for the humanity and the world as whole, through systematic organization of appropriate educationals, seminars etc.

5.    Specific Goals to be met during 2008/2009:

Given the directives by the President of Rotary International D. K. Lee for a general membership increase by 10% during Rotary year 2008/2009 our target is to add at least seven new members in our Club.

The objective is to have the said new members in place by end of March 2009 so that our Club will be eligible for the special Award Certificate to be signed by the President of International Rotary and presented during 2009 R. I. Convention to be held in Birmingham U.K., 21-24 June 2009.

Needless to point out that special emphasis and encouragement will be given to raise the proportion of women members in our Nicosia-Lefkothea Club.

B. Service Projects

1. Community Activity

Community Activity

Construction and redesign of the back yard for “The Cyprus Society for the Protection of Spastic and Handicapped Children”


This project is about the construction and redesign of the back yard for “The Cyprus Society for the Protection of Spastic and Handicapped Children” in Nicosia. The construction will meet the specifications and requirements set by “The Cyprus Society for the Protection of Spastic and Handicapped Children” and it will be delivered in May 2008 (the latest).

Need survey

According to the Head of The Cyprus Society for the Protection of Spastic and Handicapped Children they need to redesign and construct their back yard, in order for the children to be able to use it during their therapies at the facility. Moreover, the new yard will be also used to accommodate all the events the society performs yearly.


The construction and redesign of the back yard will offer to the Spastic and Handicapped Children the ability to have their physiotherapy and extra curriculum activities out in the open. In addition, the new yard will be used to accommodate all the events the society performs yearly. The back yard will be constructed and redesign with rocks of old type to match the scenery of the back yard. The redesign and construction of the back yard will also include creation of a base for an electronic tent, relocation of the stage, creation of plant holders, and placement of the old type rock.

Budget and Finance

The budget of this project is estimated at EURO 15.000. It will be financed by: members’ subscriptions (10%), club’s fund raising events (70%) and external donations (20%).


This project requests the involvement of the following:

–     The Ministry of Health.

–     The Head and staff from the “The Cyprus Society for the Protection of Spastic and Handicapped Children”.

–     Major donors.

–     The president and the members of the board of directors of the Rotary Club Nicosia Lefkothea.

–     The director of service projects.

–     The head and members and the community activities avenue.

–     Other members of the Rotary Club Nicosia Lefkothea.

Time Plan:

1.    Request proposals from the contractors. 01/09/08.

2.    Send letter to Ministry of Health informing them of our intention. 30/10/08.

3.    Evaluate proposals and contact successful bidder/contractor. 15/11/08.

4.    Start the construction and redesign of the back yard. 30/11/08.

5.    Delivery of new back yard: 30/04/09.

6.    Completion of the project and awareness campaign. 30/05/09.

7.    Invitation for the opening and donation of the new yard from the Society and the Rotary club with a short event by the spastic children. 30/06/09.


1.    Increase rental contract duration. (Additional 3-5 years)

2. Environment Project

Heating of school classrooms using Renewable Resources


The aim of the project is to involve our Club into the international campaign against the Global warming effect which unfortunately is increasing worldwide rapidly.


The scope of this project is to use Renewable Resources (Solar Energy) to heat up the classrooms of a school in our community.


The application of this project will not only result in the practical reduction of global warming effect by reducing the amount of fuel burning (carbon dioxide) to the atmosphere but also to give the opportunity to the younger people to understand the impact of this disastrous effect in our world and at the same time to get familiar with the use of renewable resources as an alternative energy solution for our everyday needs.


At this stage, we have already requested a meeting with the Director of the Ministry of Education as well as with the Minister of Education in order to obtain the political permission to proceed with our project. In this project the President, President Elect and other directors of the Club will participate as well as selected members of the Club who have experienced in this field.

Budget & Finance

This project will be sponsored by our Club (club funds and members donations) as well as by obtaining a Matching Grant from Rotary Foundation. We consider this project as a pilot project initiated by our Club with the vision that more similar projects will be carried out in the near future.

3. Youth Activity RYLA


Participation in the District R.Y.L.A in Agros on November 8 + 9 with the purpose of training Rotaractors on leadership abilities.


Young Professionals will be trained on leadership skills and how to use these skills in their work place and community.

Budget and Finance

The cost of participation amounts to EUR 200 per person which includes full board accommodation, and seminar participation for two days.


Two members of the Rotaract Club Nicosia Lefkothea have been selected to participate in this event.

4. Fund Raising and Fellowship Activities


The club plans to organize the following events and activities in chronological order.

1.     Fellowship Evening:           November 2008

2.     Tea & Birimba Afternoon:   19 November 2008

3.     Lefkothea Casino Night:    03 December 2008

4.     New Year Party:                   January 2009

5.     Carnival Party:                      March 2009

6.     Lefkothea Night:                  June 2009


The presence of all members of our club is greatly required and expected together with spouses and friends. The objective is the creation of fellowship and friendship among all our members in the spirit of Rotary.

C.  The Rotary Foundation

1.    Commitments to TRF

Members of our club are getting more and more acquainted with Rotary International issues. We have decided as a club to participate in EREY contributing US$ 6.800 in our effort to “Lend a Hand” and “Make Dreams Real” for the millions of people in need.

Towards that end efforts will be made to add Paul Harris Fellows to the existing list which is being attached herewith.

Club members will be kept informed about the progress made towards the contributions.

Our club has also decided to participate in the “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation” committing itself to contribute US$ 1.000 annually for 3 years boosting thereby the efforts of Rotary to match the US$100m offered by the Foundation.

Public Relations

1.    Public Relations Plan

Main Target

To get more citizens aware, especially whose who leave in Nicosia area, about our club, and our activities. What is Rotary, who are the Rotarians, what does Rotary do. Specifically, we should try to overcome and to clarify a misunderstanding and a misperception that runs across a lot of people in Cyprus that Rotary is a kind of a “sect” (heresy). This is a quite negative approach from a lot of people in Cyprus that affects the expansion, the role and the function of our club and our organization in general, especially in Cyprus a country with citizens that have very strong bonds to their religion. Also, we should sick and aim to expose and to promote most of our major activities, through the media (local and national).

Use of media:

In our days the use of media, especially electronic media, is a very powerful, important and effective tool (and vehicle) in order to promote and to inform the public about our organizations and our club’s activities. We are listing below some of our initial suggestions regarding the promotion of our club’s activities through the media:

  • Prepare and send press (news) releases to all media (electronic and printed) regarding our major activities.
  • Arrange the participation of our President and/or other Board members to various local radio programmes, in order to speak and to explain the role, the function and the importance of our organization and especially our Nicosia-Lefkothea club.
  • Inform the media (especially some “key” media persons and journalists) but also the public, in general, about our official web-side, so they can visit it and get the appropriate information. They could also have a link to our weekly electronic bulletin in order to follow our meeting activities and other general activities and projects of our club.

Events that could be attractive to the media:

We should organize specific events that are attractive both to the media and to the general public.

Such events could be “tea – afternoons”, dinners, special “theme” nights, or special nights (parties) at a local night club (such event could be also attractive to younger people). We can also organize special events like a Christmas Gala dinner, a Carnival dance dinner, a Saint Valentine’s Day special dinner, an Easter lunch day, out in the fields, with the traditional lamb “suvla”, etc. We can invite one or two notable, expert speakers (according to specific subjects and fields) well known Doctor, or a well known media personality, to give a speech thus, organizing an event open to the general public. For all these events and activities we can always collaborate with other local clubs.

Local government officials:

We could arrange meetings of our Board Members with high positioned local government officials in order to inform them about our activities, our efforts to support and to help the society through our charity activities and events and to make them aware about our existence and our function, especially in the district of Nicosia. Such meetings will be largely covered by the media.

Anniversary Publication

The club’s public relations committee is finishing a glossy publication about the «20 years of Service to the Community» of the Rotary Club of Nicosia-Lefkothea. Research, text and lay out by PP Christodoulos Achilleoudis.

The features of this luxury booklet are the following:

Members of the Board
Founding of the Club
Naming of the Club
Banner of the Club
Founder Members of the Club
The First Board Members 1987-1988 and cards of the Club
Paul Harris Fellows 1987-1988 – 2007-2008
Inner Wheel
Twinning with Nea Smyrni
Twinning with Sahel Metn
Sponsoring the New Rotary Club Nicosia-Salamis
Presidents of the Club 1987-1988 – 2007-2008
Main Activities 1987-1988 – 2007-2008
Members of the Club 2007-2008
Members of the Club 2007-2008 individually
Club Committees 2007-2008
Attendance since 20 years
In Memoriam
Object of Rotary
Declaration of Rotarians in Business and Professions
The Four-Way Test

The booklet will be sold to all members and also be distributed to a large number of individuals, head of large corporations, senior civil servants, University community, Chamber of Commerce, Employers Organisations, professional bodies and institutions, etc, with the aim of promoting the Rotary Principles and Ideals.