Projects 2003-2004

Projects under the Presidency of Mikis Costa

Awareness Campaign on Male Cancer Prevention

The Rotary Club of Nicosia-Lefkothea has joined forces with the Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends, (PA.SY.KA.F) on the Association’s awareness campaign on male cancer prevention.

The common ground that co-exists between the two organizations is rooted in their mission that is “serving the welfare of the society”. The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends is a nonprofit Organization that promotes cancer prevention and improves the quality of life of cancer patients and their families. The Rotary Club Nicosia–Lefkothea is also a nonprofit organization that promotes humanitarian service programmes, educational and cultural exchanges.

Sharing a common vision for a better world, the two organizations have joined efforts on the deployment of the first ever awareness campaign, on male cancer prevention and early detection having taken place in Cyprus.

Two main slogans for the awareness campaign

"Prevention from the day of creation"

"Prevention is wisdom"

The project was launched on 20 January 2004 at a PRESS CONFERENCE at The Hilton Hotel, Nicosia.

The following Panel addressed the Conference and explained the project:

  • Her Excellency the Minister of Health Mrs Dina Akkelidou.
  • The President of The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PA.SY.KA.F) Dr Anna Achilleoudi.
  • The President of the Nicosia-Lefkothea Rotary Club Rot. Mikis Costa.
  • The President of the Scientific Committee of PA.SY.KA.F Dr Pavlos Drakos
  • The President of the Cyprus Urological Society Dr Stavros Petrakis.
  • On behalf of the National Guard of Cyprus (YEEF) Dr Chris Kyprianou.
  • The Commercial Director and Director of Development and Public Relation of the radio “Radio Proto”.

From left : The Director of PA.SY.KA.F Mrs Maria Vanezou, the Minister of Health Mrs Dina Akkelidou, the President of PA.SY.KA.F Dr Anna Achilleoudi, the President of the R.C. Nicosia-Lefkothea Rot. Mikis Costa and the President of the Scientific Committee of PA.SY.KA.F Dr Pavlos Drakos.

Present also were:

  • The Secretary of the Nicosia-Lefkothea Rot. Philippos Vatiliotis, the Incoming President Rot. Popi Kanari and other members of the Club.
  • The Director of PA.SY.KA.F Mrs Maria Vanezou and other members of the Association.
  • All the Mass Media of Cyprus (Radio stations, TV stations, Newspapers and Magazines).

From left: The PP George Christofides, the Secretary Rot. Philippos Vatiliotis, the IPP Nicos Philippou, the President Mikis Costa and other guests From right: The President of PA.SY.KA.F Dr Anna Achilleoudis, the Minister of Health Mrs Dina Akkelidou, the President of The Cyprus Urological Society Dr Stavros Petrakis and the Incoming President of Nicosia-Lefkothea Rot. Popi Kanari

The campaign consists of:

(a) A wide programme of lectures and presentations being given by doctors and other specialists to places and groups such as:

  • The National Guard
  • Secondary Schools
  • Public Organisations
  • Private Organisations
  • Political Organisations
  • Banks
  • Athletic Clubs

In total 178 lectures and presentations have been scheduled during the period till the end of the year 2004.

(b) Interviews through TV and Radio.

(c) Frequent and systematic adverts through TV and Radio.

(d) Articles in the local press.

(e) Informative leaflets: (i) “Men Protect Men” (ii) “Protect your Prostate”.

(f) Posters and stickers with the 2 main slogans of the campaign: “Prevention since the creation” and “Prevention is wisdom”.

Lectures at the Army Camps

Date – 2004 Army Camp Doctor
19 January Georgiou Lazarou, Larnaca Dr Gabriel Mina
20 January Modestou Panteli, Liopetri Dr Zafiro Kyriazi
21 January Evmeniou Panayioti, Limassol Dr Stavros Petrakis
22 January Maki Giorgalla, Mathiatis Dr Floros Heracleous
23 January Stavrou Stylianides, Kornos Dr Zacharias Vasiliades
26 January Steliou Mavromati, Stavrovouni Dr Chrisoullis Christofi
27 January Charilaou Michael, Zigi Dr Fofis Christofides
28 January Michali Paridi, Aplanta Dr Spyros Heliades
29 January Evagora Pallikaridi, Geroskipou Dr Costas Mavromatis
30 January Christou Milona, Evrichou Dr Achilleas Corellis
2 February Tasou Markou, Klirou Dr Mikis Christofides
3 February Ilia Papakiriakou, Athalassa Dr. Loukas Louka
4 February Christou Samara, Athalassa Dr Zaharias Vasiliades
5 February Nikou Lazarou, Lakatameia Dr Mikis Christofides

Announcement to organisations:

“Men protect the man”

Lectures to organisations

In the framework of the Male Cancer Campaign the Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends will give lectures to Organizations on Prevention and early detection of testicular and prostate cancer.

The lectures will be given by Urologists free of charge together with enlightening material

Organisations that are interested for lecture arrangement or enlightening material for their manpower please contact us:

The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends tel. 22345444 fax 22346116 e-mail:

Date – 2004 Organisation Lecturer
18 February Unicars Ltd – Nicosia Dr Zaharias Vasiliades
26 February Cristies Dairies – Limassol Dr Stavros Petrakis
12 March Water Board – Nicosia Dr Achilleas Korellis
16 March Water Board – Limassol Dr Christos Lazarou

The following doctors (Urologists and Oncologists) offered their services for the “Awareness Campaign on Male Cancer Prevention”

  • Dr Stavros Petrakis
  • Dr Gavriel Mina
  • Dr Zafiro Kyriazi
  • Dr Floros Heracleous
  • Dr Zacharias Vassiliades
  • Dr Chrisoullis Christofi
  • Dr Fofis Christofides
  • Dr Spyros Eliades
  • Dr Costas Mavromatis
  • Dr Achilleas Corellis
  • Dr Mikis Christofides
  • Dr Loucas Louca
  • Dr Christos Lazarou

Financial Contribution from the club budget

  • The Rotary Club of Nicosia-Lefkothea had committed to contributing £15.000 ($32.400) and furthermore to use its connections and influence in order to achieve cost reduction for services rendered to the project by associates, such as Mass Media, Publishers etc.

The Club worked very hard and managed to fulfil the commitment for £15.000 through sponsors, from lottery tickets and other sources, so that: The amount spent from the club budget was only £4.000.

Financial Contribution from outside the club budged

Through effective efforts of our club members, seven sponsors outside the Club have offered to partly finance the project, each contributing £1.000 Cyprus Pounds, totalling £7.000 (seven thousand pounds).

Furthermore the Inner Wheel Nicosia-Lefkothea has undertaken the organisation of an afternoon tea function, for financial support of the project. The net proceeds of the function were in excess of £1.100 Cyprus Pounds.

The sponsors of the Campaign are:

  • The Cyprus Electricity Authority
  • Strovolos Coop Bank
  • mri Alpha Audit
  • Costas Papaellinas Pharmaceutical Company
  • Cybarco
  • GCC Computers Ltd
  • Sanofi Synthelabo

Media sponsor:

  • Radio Proto


  • The Ministry of Health
  • The Cyprus Medical Association
  • The Cyprus Urological Society

Project sustainability

  • The Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PA.SY.KA.F) has committed to maintaining the campaign as part of its regular activities very much like it does for “Female Cancer”.
  • In the context of the campaign the Association of the Clinical Laboratories have agreed to reduce the medical examination fee for the PSA test to £10 starting on 1 February 2004.
  • Our club might not have further involvement in the campaigns to follow, but has put its seal on the first ever such campaign to be undertaken in Cyprus, which will continue for the benefit of all the people of Cyprus.
  • On the other hand :

The knowledge of prevention, once started, will continue to be in the mind of every person forever and it is certain that lives will be saved.

Final Benefits

We strongly believe that, when people are alerted on the need to have regular medical examinations, a substantial increase in positive cases will be diagnosed, hopefully at a curable stage. Therefore, we are convinced that the coordinated and continuous efforts put forward during the campaign, have generated the expected results and the main objective, which was to substantially reduce fatal “Male Cancer” cases, was achieved.

In addition, as a result of this project and with the frequent advertising, interviews, panel discussions on the radio and TV for a long period throughout the year, we had the opportunity to further promote the image, reputation and understanding of Rotary.

When Rotarians work with dedication and commitment, hand in hand with other volunteers who are also eager to give services to the community, such community projects can only be a success.

With this particular project and with our cooperation with the Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients and Friends, our project was not only successful but has left the Community the messages :

Men protect the man
Protect your prostate

Prevention from the day of creation
Prevention is wisdom
Lend a hand