THE ROTARY CLUB of Limassol Berengaria Cosmopolitan held its Summer Ball on Saturday night, taking the opportunity of this stunning gala dinner event at the Limassol Castle, to present a brand new Ford mini bus to PASYKAF (the Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients & Friends).

The delivery of the mini bus was the culmination of serious fund raising drives by the Rotarians who wanted to support the charity by providing them with this important addition to their fleet.

The serious need for the daily transportation of patients to the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre (BOCOC) in Nicosia for medical treatment, in particular from Paphos and Limassol is an issue for the charity’s patients.

The Rotary challenge was to raise over €35,000 in less than 12 months to achieve this objective. The challenge succeeded and the ‘handover’ of the mini bus was made to PASYKAF president, Dr Anna Achilleoudi, and Dr Demetris Papamichael, Director of Medical Oncology at the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre on the night.

Papamichael said it was “unacceptable that Limassol does not have its own Oncology centre” and was deeply touched as he expressed gratitude to the Rotary Club of Limassol Berengaria Cosmopolitan for their generous donation.

During the evening, Rotary Club President, Tim Drohan, also presented a cheque for €250 to the Friends for Life Hospice. “The fund raising for the PASYKAF mini bus was so successful, we even had a little leftover to help other causes”, Drohan said.


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What the cancer patients say

Loula: “Excellent. Very comfortable”.

Altimaila: “Very pleasant. The step is a great help, too”.

Archandia: “Excellent. Very comfortable. Very easy”.

Irini: “Very good”.

Maria: “Very very good”.

Athamandria: “No problems. Lovely”.

Yenoverfa: “Thank you very very much. We are so pleased” We wish you all (at Rotary) the best”.

Adriana: “Very nice. Excellent. No problems. We all use it every week. God bless you”.

Sofia: “Thank you very much for this bus. It is the best. Our regards to all”.

Thoulla: “It is a pleasure. Thank you very much for everything. Eleni, is not here today but she would express her thanks”.

Galatia (who is the first patient to be picked up each Tuesday): “All of us wish you all the best and God Bless you. Wishing you all good health and thank you again”.