Environmental competition

THE purpose of the Rotary Club of Limassol Berengaria Cosmopolitan’s Environmental Competition & Fair is to increase the knowledge and awareness amongst young people of the ’green’ issues facing Cyprus so that they may take a more active role in protecting and enhancing the Island’s environment.

Its primary aim is to give young people the opportunity to  showcase their ‘ECO credentials’ and their creative skills and talents in projects they have designed and undertaken to address ’green’ issues and the results of those projects

In this context, the projects focus on the reduction of waste and water consumption, energy conservation, recycling used materials, and a greater respect for the Island’s environment.

This is not simply an “ideas” competition but one in which schools and students need to demonstrate that they have taken ownership of the issue and that they have taken positive steps towards its resolution.

The objectives of the Environmental Competition are:

  • to provide an opportunity for young people to develop their interest and understanding of the environmental issues facing Cyprus;
  • to develop and present activities/prototypes/models of their projects that address those environmental issues, either individually or with their peers;
  • to help engender an environmentally aware and caring culture into young people.