The Rotary club of Paphos Aphrodite was founded in April 1997. Since then working according to the ideals of Rotary International has done several activities towards serving the local & international community. The first and second presidents listed below were secondees from the sister club.

Please see below the list of Past Presidents of our Club since chartered:


Year 2014-2015

President: Xenia Papastylianou

Projects: Supporting Elderly (several modules)

Year 2013-2014

President: Julia Rautenschlein

Projects: Supporting Youth (several modules)

Year 2012-2013

President: Elena Ioannou

Projects: Supporting Children in Need & Special Needs (several modules)

Year 2011-2012

President: Carl-Erland Schroder

Project: Updated internal structure and increased international information

Year 2010-2011

President: Liza Tsadioti

Project: Supporting Local Charities, Euromeeting in Cyprus

Year 2009-2010

President: George Ioakim

Project: Health Equipment to the Cancer research center in Nicosia

Year 2008-2009

President: Elena Lazarou

Project: “Solar System” at “Margaritas Liasides Idrima” in Pafos

Year 2007-2008

President: Michalis Michael

Project: Make a wish and other various smaller projects.

Year 2006-2007

President: Micheal Heap

Project: Uganda Project

Year 2005-2006

President: Neophytos Zavridis

Project: Wishing Well Project – in a Public Place

Year 2004-2005

President: Michalakis Maratheftis

Project: Mini Bus (Ag. Theoskepastis)

Year 2003-2004

President: Vassos Komodromos

Project: Pruchase of 280 wheelchairs with the assistance of wheelchair Foundation for the needs of

the handicapped people of Cyprus.

Year 2002-2003

President: Demetris Loucaides

Project: Donation of financial aid for the support of needs of the society of families with more than  four children.

Year 2001-2002

President: Pantelis Evangelou

Project: Donation of 30 bicycles for the children of Rizocarpaso and also sponsoring of medical

house helpers for the benefit of cancer patient support group of Paphos.

Year 2000-2001

President: Christis Hadjimitsis

Project: Donation of a travelling educational package round Greece for the children of the Youth Hostel of Paphos.

Year 1999-2000

President : Simos Tselepos

Project: Donation of furniture and equipment for the “Vera Paisi” foundation which is against drug addiction.

Year 1998-1999

President: Zenonas Chryssostomou

Project: Donation of machinery for gymnastics, logotherapy and physiotherapy for the needs of the Margarita Liassidou foundation.

Year 1997-1998

President: Fantinos Hadjimitsis

Project: Cardiological machinery for the Paphos General Hospital and payment of two crossing lane traffic wardens for the school year for the 2nd  elementary school Demetrion.